Who am I? And why would you hire me?

Good question, but I’ve also got a great answer! Look down below, you’ll find a picture of me smiling, now you can link a face to a name, but I haven’t said my name yet right? My name is Oumaima! I’m a 20 years old student whose main goal is to satisfy my client’s needs in writing & in marketing!

about me

Oumaima B. The writer you've been looking for all your life

I’m a professional online writer, full time freelancer who’s preparing currently her master degree in finance.

In addition of my skills & expertise in finance, marketing, and eveything related to these fields, I’ve devlopped a passion for writing and sharing knowledge! 

My clients say many things of me, but all are positive and you’ll see their testemonies down below! 

This website has been created for the sole purpose of sharing every information I know & share with my clients an other prospect of me! 



My big break in writing started the day I decided to start a blog, I needed money and desperately, I started writing for people & get paid for it, my carreer started on Upwork & Peopleperhour but then expanded to other websites where I make enough money to sustain my financial stability! 

My thirst for knowledge only enables me to devlop further my skills & offer my clients the best experience they’ve ever had! Choosing me as your marketer/writer will enable you these 3 simple yet efficient options: 


save effort

You'll stop wasting your precious effort in writing blogposts or marketing your product

save time

You can spend your time doing other fruitful things while still getting the best results thanks to me

win over people

You'll choose marketer, a financial analysist & a writer that will be able to convince people in no time

What my clients say

Oumaima B is a conscientious person who works quickly and efficiently. Thank you very much for the tasks performed.

Jérôme B.

Oumaima is one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever worked with - she goes the extra mile and always trying to improve not just her work but the whole product that she works on.

Sherif J.

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