Best freelance platforms for beginners for 2019

Best freelance platforms for beginners for 2019

You want to work from home and you thought that freelancing is the best option you have!

But how can you start? One answer -> best freelance platforms

But how will you be able to start freelancing in them?

Again, fortunately for you! I wrote this blog post that is 100% dedicated to you.

Freelancing is the best option for winning money online from home and what’s great about it!

Is that you don’t necessarily have to have a degree:

You just have to be good at it! Doesn’t it sound better? Better than working from 9 am to 7 pm?

I started freelancing early 2018 and all I can say is that it has been an overwhelming journey that was full of ups and downs and MONEY! 

So now that you’re sure about this, let’s move on to the freelance platforms that will help you land gigs!

These platforms don’t necessarily need experience.

You can be a complete beginner and still land gigs better than experienced people if you know how to sell yourself.

For that check my article about how to do a perfect proposal here.

Best freelance platforms for 2019:


When I was just starting freelancing, Upwork was my first go-to to land freelancing jobs.

What’s great about it is that it’s one of the most famous and popular websites dedicated to freelance so you get to see a lot and I mean A LOOOOT of jobs posted every hour.

My forte was writing and you can’t imagine how many jobs were posted related to writing. It’s no wonder since it has more than 1.5 millions of clients!

Do you know how many opportunities are there? Can you see all the experiences that you’re missing every second now?

Upwork offers all kind of jobs, fixed-rate

jobs and hourly paid one! This helps you build up all the experience that you need. You will find it all there, long term projects as well as short term ones ranging from hours to weeks.

The only two things that are not so encouraging is the fact that they charge 20% of fees.  Which will not leave you that much of a profit if you’re a beginner and accept low wage rates.


This one was also one of the websites I started at, it’s a great website with more than 1 m people using it. Which makes it rather very popular, one of its great benefits is it accepts freelancer worldwide. 

It’s not restricted and it accepts all kind of talents and all kind of competences, it has the same features as Upwork. Jobs ranging from long term to short term projects, paying can either be fixed or at an hourly rate.

You will find all type of clients, the thing about peopleperhour is that its rate of fees is the same as Upwork. which is 20%, so try to target high paying jobs often to leave a profit wage.

When your profile becomes more and more popular you’ll start showing up as suggestions. And besides, you can pay to make your profile show up for clients and thus raise your chances at being chosen for a job or a gig.


This one I’m a big fan on!

Freelancer is the MOST popular freelance platform and besides its magnificent range of jobs and acceptance of all types of freelancers. It offers entries of what you can do just like on Fiverr and also apply for gigs like Upwork & peopleperhour!

Isn’t it that great?

It has more than 13 millions jobs posted on it which means more than the opportunities you’ve been dreaming about and can apply to!

Everyday jobs are posted and some offer a high paying rate with not that much of expensive rates!

So you can work comfortably without worrying about how much you’ll have to give up on your salary.

It’s a very safe platform where your payment is surely safe and will be handed to you once you complete your work for your client. You can share all types of files and track your progress.

It offers a real chance to grow as a freelancer and grow your network.


Interested in just growing your profile and your experience with low rate paying jobs until you reach your full potential as a freelancer?

Then fiverr is your to-go-to!

It starts from 5$ and more, you can post entries of what you can do at different prices. You’ve got basic, intermediate and professional at different prices. You can also wait for clients to view what you can do and hire you.

When you work your way to the top you’ll be able to make hundreds of dollars sometimes with just one offer. Now isn’t that worth trying?

Just like all of the websites before, you can work remotely and don’t necessarily have to have that much of an experience. And no matter what your talent or forte is, you’ll find your place at Fiverr!

Fiverr is another best freelance job site for beginners.

For more chances at being hired, create a portfolio and complete your profile 100%.  This way you can have higher chances at landing jobs and be hired!

For more information on how to build your portfolio from scratch then just click here:

5. Guru

Guru is great for finding and being hired by a different type of clients that are able to play HIGH!  And are willing to be cooperative and are very responsive.

In all different type of fields, be it design, writing, translation or web development etc… You’ll have high exposure to different jobs which you can filter through until you find that is suited for you!  

The nicest thing lets Guru stand out is its built-in project manager app that helps you and gives you the opportunity to manage your project without leaving the platform.

You can also manage and craft agreements, communicate in real-time with your clients and share files with them. It’s super secure and you’ll surely be paid by the end of your project when it’s complete.

Do you have any other freelance websites in mind? Let me know in the comment. 

Check out my other blog posts about freelancing, I’m sure they’re relatable. 

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