Coming up with new content with Pinterest

Coming up with new content with Pinterest

Do you want to come up with new content with Pinterest?

It’s that time of the year again, isn’t it?

That time of the year where we’re struggling to think of any new ideas and suffer from a writer’s block.

It’s every blogger’s worst dream.

It’s hard figuring out what you should write about next especially if you’ve already written and spun enough content.

What’s even harder is doing this every day and having to come up with content every single day.

As I said before in one of my posts, I took a part of a challenge called “30-day blog post”.

Which means that for the next 3 weeks and so, I’ll be writing every single day.

And yeah! It’s hard.

So, I thought of writing this article to share with you my strategy to find new content with Pinterest.

Pinterest is a very wonderful platform and if you use it well it can generate all the traffic you need.

My first pin that went viral after 1 week of Pinterest got me 4k views.

And at that time! That was everything for me. The second one that went viral got me 30K views.

And I was shocked at the time!

I didn’t know what I did or what happened but it worked.

So I started thinking, why not find new content with Pinterest too instead of just traffic?

And that’s what I did.

And I’ll show you how to do it too.

Pinterest trends

If you’re familiar with Pinterest, then you probably know that a lot of topics trend on it.

It doesn’t matter which niche you write about, there’s a piece of pie for everybody.

Not every topic on Interest gets the same trending as others. Some succeed while some fail.

But if you open your Pinterest feed and find a topic that keeps trending first, then that’s your go-to.

But you need to keep something in mind.

Trending ideas are often recycled ideas. Because you’ll find dozens or even thousands of people writing about the same topic for traffic.

So what is different about yours? Will you be able to add your spin to the topic?

Your own experience? A bonus idea? Or just rewrite what everybody is already doing.

Think about it very well before you join the trend.

Plus, trending topics means inconsistent traffic. Meaning that once that topic dies off, your source of traffic will die too.

Unless you have an intensive marketing strategy that will keep your visitors coming every week or month.

If not, then it’s a lost cause.

If you kept all of this in your mind, then it’s time to show you the prize!

Pinterest creates every year a list of what will be trending the New Year, for example for this 2019, Pinterest already created a list which you can find here.

It has 100 topics that are trending in every niche, there’s parenting, food… And you name it.

But before you check it make sure to read the rest of the article.

Since the list is long and there are a lot of topics that have been mentioned, I thought of relieving you from this misery and give you the short conclusion to it.

I’ll try to talk about every niche but if I don’t, then forgive me!

Here’s what’s trending now

Travel Niche

A lot of what is trending now in the travel niche is of destinations that people should visit this year.

Well, it’s no surprise since it’s the travel niche.

These trends would be great to talk about right now as a travel challenge or a summer destination for this year since winter has ended.

So make sure to talk about them quickly before they die off:

Destination unknown: This trend is a simple challenge of gathering a group of friends and travel with them without telling them the end-point.

That means they’ll be travelling to someplace unknown with no idea nor about the activity they’ll do nor the destination they’ll be in

Waste not, jaunt not: A lot of people right now are very conscious about wastes and sustainable living. And that includes travel as well.

They’re trying the “zero waste travel”, that includes eating, packing, and where to stay!

Oh Rio, Rio: As a summer destination, Rio is a wonderful place to visit and to stay at. Now everybody’s dreaming of the magical city.

Especially because of the summer Olympics. If you’re thinking about recommending a summer destination, then Rio might be the one for you.

Health and wellness

Health is always a trending topic, there are always questions that will keep popping, and it’s an everlasting niche where the content is always green.

So it’s okay if you follow the trend because even after the trend you’ll probably end up with evergreen content.

Healthy habits: Everyone’s trying to better out their lives and enhance themselves, especially when it’s the beginning of the year.

New year, new me. Even though most people give up after the first month. There’s still a lot of people who do their best to preserve those healthy habits they incorporated.

Which is why it’s a trending topic. Anything healthy from dinners to a healthy lifestyle is favorable this time of the year.

The great indoors: Just like healthy habits, people are trying to stay as fit as possible. No wonder why indoor exercises routine is trending.

They’re trying to shape their body in the great indoors of their house. So if you’re a fitness guru, it’s time to put that to work.

Dry Idea:  Alcohol is sweet nectar is you drink it once in a while, but if it’s an addiction then oh boy, you’re in trouble.

A lot of Pinterest users are trying to cut down the alcohol and are ditching it for a new sober-life. For that, they’re looking for pieces of advice and motivational quotes that’ll keep them away from the alcohol as far as possible.


In all honesty, I love food, so much. And I’m dreaming about becoming a food blogger once this blog becomes successful on its own.

So if you’re a food blogger, then lucky you! And I wish I were you. For this niche, veggies and a vegan lifestyle are getting more and more popular.

If you’ve never considered a vegan diet, then now you will.

The mighty mushroom: People are loving mushroom, even more than usual.

So if you’re into mushrooms or have a secret mushroom based recipe, it’s time to write about it.

They’re a bundle of nutrients that are now used in basically everything. Even in chocolate bars! So stay tuned to see where the trend will be taking off.

Move over almond milk: You heard it right, people aren’t crushing anymore over almond milk. It’s dead news now.

Its new alternative is sexy, is beautiful, is lovely, it’s oat milk! And it’s environmentally friendly as well.

So you don’t have to worry about sustainability any longer, oat milk for your every need.

Recipes you knead: It’s to use those hands and that mixer because it’s kneading time! People are dying for the extra exercise that kneading brings to their life.

Which is why Bread baking is getting popular, and what’s even more popular is sourdough. The fermented taste has got people begging for more.

So why not prepare a sourdough recipe for yourself as well? It might do you some good.


These were the ideas that are most popular in these three niches.

I wish I could’ve spoken about more trends and more niches.

But maybe that’ll be for another blog post!

What do you think of this guide about finding new content with Pinterest?

So stay tuned if I haven’t spoken about your niche here! Maybe I’ll do it next time!

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