Free Google Tools Every Blogger Should Know

Free Google Tools Every Blogger Should Know

Do you have any idea about Google tools? 

Are you new to blogging?

Or are you a marketing expert?

Whatever the answer is, there are still a lot of things for you & me to learn. 

It doesn’t matter if you started your blog recently or have been blogging for years now.

There is still a lot of place for improvement.

And one of these improvements to make is to learn what kind of tools to use for your blog.

So when it comes to tools, you might find yourself losing more money than what you’re winning from your blog.

So you’re probably asking yourself, why do I bother anyway?

But here are some good news. There are some very great and free tools for you to use whether you just started your blog or not.

And many of these tools are owned by Google.

Google in the last few years has grown from being a search engine to a billion dollar company. Which now offers so many FREE tools for whoever wishes to start blogging.

If you haven’t started blogging yet then here’s my free guide on how to start a blog for beginners.

It’ll do you good, don’t worry.

So as I was saying, many bloggers ignore the existence of these tools and don’t know how to use them to their benefits.

Because if you’re wise enough, you can double, triple and quadruple your traffic just by using them.

But you’re probably thinking, if they’re free that means they’re no good, right?

Well, no.

They’re actually very useful even in their free form, and if you ignore them then it’s your loss.

So without any further due, here are the FREE Google tools every blogger should use.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert, you’ll definitely learn something useful with this blog post.

Google trends

Google trend is the first on our list, and it’s actually a very useful tool if you’re looking for…. TRENDS! That’s right.

It’s very common as a blogger to run out of ideas especially if you’re like me and doing a 30-day blog post challenge!  Yikes.

Which is why I wrote my blog post about writer block, it might help you with your struggle.

Moving on, if you’ve got no idea of what’s trending or what to write for your next blog post. Then google trends are here to help.

If you use it very well you’ll be able to determine the topics that are trending and that will drive traffic to your blog.

Just go to your social media accounts, take notes of what they’re talking about or what hashtags are trending.

Go to google trends, put the keywords you want to look for in the search bar and you’ll get your results.

You’ll be able to see the statistics of how much times that keyword has been researched and if it’s trending right now.

I entered the value google trends before writing this article and it seems it’s always increasing and decreasing in research.

So by the time, I’ll publish this, the keyword google tools would probably increase again which means more traffic for me.

It’ll also show you the related and associated researches with the keyword this way you’ll have an idea of what people are looking for on Google when they think of it.

Google analytics

Google analytics is, no doubt, one of the greatest tools that Google has ever offered. 

It’s what I use for my blog and what every other blogger uses. Even if they choose to add plugins to their blog, they still work based on Google analytics.

So what is Google Analytics anyway? It’s the number one tool for marketers to help them analyze and monitor traffic. 

It will help you understand your readers better as you will figure out which blog posts drive more traffic.

It’ll save you time when it comes to interviewing people what they like and don’t like about your blog. 

Do you know why? Because you’ll be able to understand how much time they spend on your blog and if they ever come back.

You can track them, understand what they search for, what devices they use to access your blog for more optimization, and from which countries. 

You can even determine from which source of traffic they are coming. Is it social media, or search engine or directly from another link?

All you have to do is to link Google Analytics with your website and you will get access to all this information!

Google search console

Now add this to Google analytics and boom! A successful blog. Google search console is a treasure of information about your blog and its traffic. 

You can find out what your blog’s performance is like and if you show up on Google with this simple tool.

All you have to do is link your website with it and give your sitemap and it’ll unlock all treasures. You’ll find out which pages of your website are indexed on Google and which are not.

You’ll find out which blog post of yours is mobile friendly and optimized and which ones are not. 

And most importantly, you’ll be able to understand your blog’s SEO. Yes, that’s right. Those scary three words “search engine optimization”.

You’ll find out if the strategy you’ve been working on is successful or not. For example here are the keywords that I show up on Google with. 

If your SEO strategy is successful you’ll notice that your impressions are increasing and so is your average 1.8%.

That means you’ll appear more on Google and get more clicks. Check my SEO strategy for increasing traffic.


Youtube is a great tool for traffic as well. As obvious as this tool can be, not many bloggers use it. 

I know that there are so many factors stopping you from using it because I can do it as well.

But I’m telling you about it so you can a better version than me. Youtube is a platform that receives billions of views each month. 

So not using it is losing so much potential for no reason at all.

If you’re following Neil Patel, you’ll see that his blog over time changed from just writing to podcasts, and recently he’s using videos as well. 

That’s because videos are the new marketing.

So many companies moved to video marketing because it’s the most useful and the most beneficial when it comes to traffic. 

Humans are more likely to watch a video than read a 2000 word blog post.

That’s for sure. And that’s why using Youtube is so great. 

Google prefers blog posts with video content, so if you use Youtube and link it back to your blog post you’ll have higher chances of appearing on search engines.

So if you’ve got the time and the energy to do youtube videos then I suggest you start doing it right now.

Google Docs

If you’re looking for a way to create Freebies for your blog’s traffic then Google docs is a great way to do it.

All you have to is

Go to Canva or Photoshop and create your cover sheet, add it to the content and turn it to PDF.

Then all you have to do is go to a google doc and insert it as media. From then, you can add the page break, header & number of pages easily with google doc.

Keep modifying the pdf as much as you like with google doc, you can stretch the image, use different covers and god knows what.

When you are done, you can save this as a PDF and then upload to your media library. Then you can grab that link and make an incentive using ConvertKit.

So now with these Google tools, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your blog and make it successful.

You can start optimizing your blog posts and use your blog’s potential to the maximum.

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