Become a successful freelancer with these tips.
How to become a sucessful freelancer

Become a successful freelancer with these tips.

When you’re just starting out, you’ll find that it’s hard to find tips to become a successful freelancer, been there.

Felt that, so don’t worry, as always, Mama O.B is here to help!

When I was a beginner, some clients didn’t fully like my work, some didn’t like my style.

I made mistakes, plenty of them which made becoming a successful freelancer hard.

If you’re a beginner, then you’re certainly using platforms like Upwork and peopleperhour to help you out find gigs, land jobs, etc…

These platforms have some problems, like the limited number of proposals and high fees.

Of course, that is okay because the jobs are secured, and a lot of them offer high payment!

So that is why a lot of people try to become successful freelancers, it’s because it gives you the opportunity to stand out from the rest!

And actually be able to land high paying jobs, with low working hours since you’ll be charging more!

This is no sorcery of course if you’re a beginner you ask for less, but the more you turn into a senior you’ll ask for more for less effort.

How to become a successful freelancer.

Becoming a successful freelancer isn’t going to happen by night of course.

That is something we all know, I’m not going to say that I’m a successful freelancer because only my clients can judge me. 

But I’ve learned quite a lot of gigs as I’ve grown in freelancing that helped me go from 12$ a contract to 12$ an hour. 

I’m planning to become better as time goes by and charge more for my services, but for now, it’s all going well.

When you’re sending out proposals clients tend to check your price.

How much your proposal is convincing, and what your experiences are before contacting you.

If they contact you then that means you’ve surpassed at least 80% of your rivals.

Now it’s down between the 20% left of you, and this is where you need to apply these tips.

If you do then you’ll have more chance at succeeding and landing that job, just like I did!

Killer proposal

Practice practice practice

Being friendly

Making sure your client is satisfied

Making a plan

Killer proposal

Now it’s not sorcery when I say a killer proposal helps you become a successful freelancer.

Because it’s the first thing you send out to your clients and thus it’s the first impression they get from you.

So the more convincing it is the higher your chances of landing a job.

If you want to know how to make a killer proposal I propose you check my article on How to make the perfect proposal and in no time.

I broke it down into easy steps that anyone can do, even new freelancers! And believe me, it works like magic.

Here’s another trick, this one I’ve learned on Quora. 

Some freelancers out there, when they want to know the secret formula of a killer proposal.

They create a client profile on the platform.

They post a job, and wait for the proposals, of course, this cheating and I don’t support it, but I’m just sharing knowledge here!

Practice practice practice  

If you want to become a  successful freelancer, you should practice what you do, if you’re not good at what you do then you’ll certainly not be successful.

So the first thing you should do is to practice your skills, the more you develop your skills the more you’ll grow your portfolio. 

This is a secret I’ve already revealed.

But clients don’t actually care how much you’ve worked as long as you’re very experienced and talented.

If you know your work, you know your skills practice them every day to make them more relevant.

You’ll grow a very attractive portfolio that will make you a very successful freelancer.

Being friendly

If you’re friendly then you’ll surely win over clients, believe me, just imagine yourself a client.

Would you love to hire someone’s hostile? 

Someone who’s not responsive? 

I believe not, so you know what to do right now! Be friendly, being nice will make them fall head over heels for you.

If you’re being responsive, and know that you’re always there for them; 

Don’t you think you’ll win some points for it? 

I know I’ve won some clients for this and won some great feedbacks just because I’m always friendly.

Give them compliments and be there for them when they need you.

I, for example, once I receive an email I answer them back right away.

I ask for their opinion, they ask for mine and everyone is happy.

You can check on them every day ask how their day was, ask how they’ve been so far, make sure the project is doing alright and if there are any updates you should know about.

See if they’ve got any remarks you should reconsider when working!

Always express your opinion nicely.

Make sure your client is satisfied

The point of starting a freelance career and trying to become a successful freelancer is to gather as many happy clients as you can.

That’s why you need to need to satisfy your clients even if they’re too demanding, annoying or you name it.

God knows how much annoying clients I’ve had in my past and god knows how much I’ve hated every single moment of working for them.

But I’ve never shown it, and actually made sure I was as friendly as possible and asked them what they liked and expected from me so I can reach it. 

You know the proverb.

A client is a king, well this is true, in this case, you need to make sure your client is satisfied as much as you can.

Always send them your work and ask for a review.

Always make sure you follow their rules and structure.

Bottom line, satisfy your clients.

Making a plan

Now we’re in our last advice and believe me, this one is crucial.

You might see people out there calculating every move and thinking ahead of their time, making plans and all that, and you probably think to yourself

 “ what is wrong with these people”.

You might live by the proverb carpe diem/

I know I used to live by it before becoming a freelancer and had charges and responsibilities to assure as a college student. 

I had tight deadlines, a sick schedule and I mean sick in a negative way, not everything was in my favor.

so the only thing left was to make a plan to become a successful freelancer.

I had to plan everything I do, everything I should work on, my studies, my contracts, everything from A to Z.

My plan from a month now, a year now and so on, because if I  didn’t god knows what would’ve happened to me!

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