How to create an “about me” for your blog

How to create an “about me” for your blog

Are you planning to start a blog? Are you wondering how to create your first “about me” page?

Well, you’re at the right place.

Starting a blog was one of the best choices I made in my life.

Not only did it help me develop my creativeness, my writing style and my design skills, but it also helped me land so many different high-paying jobs.

It helped me get to know other bloggers and develop my networking skills.

Because, truthfully, I’m an introvert, I hate making the first step and I hate expanding my network.

But blogging helped me get over that, and it’s so freaking great.

But one of the hardest things I found out as a new blogger was to raise traffic and gain my reader’s trust.

So how can you gain your reader’s trust? Simple answer, it’s by using your “about me” page.

Yeah, that’s right.

To raise traffic your audience needs to trust you and to trust you your brand needs to be more natural and more trustworthy.

But writing an “about me” page isn’t as easy as you might think. Especially if you’re a new blogger.

You haven’t even started blogging and don’t have enough experience to shout it out loud, isn’t that right?

Now no worries, Mama O.B will help you learn how to write a killer “about me” page and win your reader’s trust.

What’s an about me page?

An about me page is just like the name indicates. It’s ALL ABOUT YOU. You, yourself and you. It’s your moment of shine.

And that’s why it should be as authentic and as credible as possible.

Here’s what I did on my first about me page if you’re wondering:

Now as you see, I’ve introduced myself, what I do as a living, by the way, I am still a student, still studying and now I make a full month income with freelancing. Yay!

I also specified what the purpose of this blog is and how I plan to help people with it.

I’ve detailed everything about myself and tried to be as honest as possible.

about me

Now as you see, the first thing I started it with is my name which works an ice breaker and helps me become closer with my readers.

Before I wrote this I took a look at so many other blogs and learned what to do and what not to do.

So what to do

Start with your name, starting your bio with your name means higher chances of people remembering it and linking it to your brand.

Now I know this doesn’t come off as a surprise but Oumaima isn’t a popular name. It’s actually very rare and I bet you’ve never heard it before.

And one of the benefits of having a rare name is being easily remembered.

And since it’s linked to my blog CreativeLancing, people will remember my blog if they ever come across my name.

Another thing to do is to tell your readers more about you. They need to get to know you and see if you’ve got experience or not.

Now if you’re a new blogger and don’t have much experience you can just tell your story.

And that’s what I did when I began blogging.

I spoke about my studies, my skills, why I started the blog and how I love blogging.

Now even though I love long bios, here’s one that I like too.

about me

It’s simple, straight to the point and real, it belongs to my fellow blogger Joana whose niche is travel. So if you like to travel, make sure to check her out.

Another to-do on your list is connecting with your audience, although “About me” is all about you.

It’s also directly talking to your audience, which means you should include a little bit of them with a lot of you.

Even if you think that you’re new and that you haven’t figured out everything yet, there’s always room for guessing. If your niche is travel then you can easily include them by telling them how your blog will help them discover destinations.

Or you can simply spill the tea and share your struggle with them in their most truthful form. You can speak about your blogging struggle, studying struggle, pregnancy struggle or you name it.

An example of that is Elna.

She obviously states her struggling with pregnancy but the beautiful outcome which is two beautiful twins.


about me

You can share some fun facts with your readers.

And they’re really fun to read, especially if your readers like you.

It actually helps you seem more genuine, fun and authentic.

Here are fun facts about me:

I LOOOOOOOOOVE cats, cooking, and watching animes! I’m going to be judged for this.

I love hearing scary stories even though I get scared at night, and I’m very paranoid.

Now those are some fun facts about me, what about you? Share them in the comments!

And finally, you need to call your readers to drive them to action.

A call-to-action as we call it.

A lot of bloggers, and I really mean A LOT of bloggers have opt-in at the end of their “about me” page to subscribe to their email list.

Some other shares their courses of how they can help people so that they can sell it to interested readers.

Some suggest ebooks and god knows what.

I don’t have any of the above besides an email list but I don’t like to spam my readers with it wherever they go.

So I simply suggest readers check my blog posts or hire me if they like my writings by contacting me.

And to follow my facebook page and Instagram!

This was more of a short blog, but hey! I did as best as I can.

Have I left out something? If I did let me know in the comments. I’d love to know.

Check out my other blog posts about freelancing, I’m sure they’re relatable. 

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