How to drive blog traffic with Pinterest: Ultimate guide.
How to drive your blog's traffic with pinterest

How to drive blog traffic with Pinterest: Ultimate guide.

So you’re probably wondering how to drive blog traffic with Pinterest, because let’s be honest.

If you have been blogging for a little while, then you’ll SURELY know, that Pinterest is a must to drive traffic. 

Now for all my facebook and twitter users, think again! 

These platforms won’t get you as half as Pinterest does! 

Why is that then? 

Because Pinterest users log in there just to be redirected to blogs and websites to find what they’re looking for.

While Twitter and Facebook users log in just to char or you name it, anything else than being redirected to another website.

So if you want to boost your blog’s traffic, then off we go! 

I’ll show you the ultimate marketing guide to Pinterest traffic and how to use to drive your blog’s traffic.

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Drive your blog’s traffic with Pinterest: the ultimate guide.

According to some statistics, Pinterest has more than 291 millions user active MONTHLY! 

Do you even know how much traffic you can get from that? 

A LOT is what I’m saying! 55% of Pinterest users recommend it for shopping, and 2M search are done on Pinterest every single month.

Talk about real money, if you want to check more statistics then just click here.  

Now that we’ve unravelled all the gold that his mine has, time to unleash its true power and get it to use, right?

Here are the 3 essential steps to follow to drive your blog’s traffic with Pinterest in 2019:

  1. Optimize your profile.

Now your profile is the first thing a Pinterest user sees about you, isn’t that right?

 And even though they say don’t judge a book by its cover.

Oh boy, you will be judged if your Pinterest profile doesn’t show who you are, what you do, and how good you are at what you do.

Before giving your blog a shot, a user will probably give your profile a look and see if you’re half the blogger your pin says.

If you are, then lucky you! If you aren’t then that’s why I’m here to help.

Now let’s spill some tea.

The first step to optimizing your profile is actually setting up your account to a business account.

Now if you think this is silly, then think again.

I’ve seen so many bloggers using a personal account rather than a professional/

And boy oh boy that does cost them SO MUCH!

Now that you did that, we can actually talk.

Your profile’s name. 

Now it’ll be all cosy if you used your real name, but what does that say about you much than your name? Nothing!

So my advice is you should put some keywords next to your name so as to show potential followers what you actually do.

Here’s my name on Pinterest to help you:

How to drive your blog's traffic with pinterest.

A killer bio is the next step you’ll have to concentrate on:

Say who you are

Say who your niche is

Explain how you’ll help them

And the most important thing is to KEEP IT SHORT!

And now for the last thing, your profile picture.

If you’re like any other blog user and have no problem linking your website to your name and identity, then this should be no problem for you.

A smiley picture of you in a natural light that enhances your features is the way to go. 

But if you’re like me and prefer not linking your identity to your website then the logo of your website is enough as a profile picture.

Your profile says a lot about you, the more it does, the better.

You don’t want users to scroll your profile and be like “Nah”.

You want them to be interested and what you offer and stick around for more, that is why optimizing your profile is so important.

This is the first step to drive blog traffic with Pinterest.

  1. Pinterest algorithm

Now every social media platform has an algorithm, isn’t that right? 

And the algorithm always changes but that’s not a problem, no matter how much it changes these tips will stay evergreen!

Pinterest to ensure its users stay loyal, opt for showing relevant content to its users by preferring optimized content.

Optimized content what??? What am I saying??

Well let me reveal something to you, Pinterest is the same as Bing, Yahoo and Google.

It’s a search engine, and it’s going to stay that way to ensure that its users are satisfied every time they search for something.

Imagine if you search on google for certain keywords and the content that shows up is unrelated to what you’re looking for.

You’re going to be pissed? Right? 

The same thing goes for Pinterest users, that’s why optimized content on Pinterest ranks first when searching for it.

Now that we got that off our back, it’s time to reveal the solution to rank first and pop up in Pinterest user’s newsfeed. 

One word: SEO

First, create a board related to your niche.

In this board, use a description full of keywords that your potential followers will look for.

If you’re using any group board that are unrelated to your niche, then I suggest you get rid of them and exit them.

The more you use group board related to your niche.

And the more the description is useful and is full of keywords, the better you’ll pop on your followers and other people’s newsfeed.

Did you know that your Pinterest group board can pop on google? NO? now you do!

So you know what to do, FILL  that description with keywords and use it to its maximum profit and benefit.

After we’re done with group boards and description, it’s time to move on to the pins!

Since your pins are the one that pops up on your follower’s newsfeed, then they’re the one that requires the most attention.

But don’t worry and don’t stress.

I’ll be showing you how you can unlock your Pinterest success by using a detailed description and the right keywords.

As I said before, SEO is important to rank on Pinterest.

And one way to use SEO for your benefit is by implementing keywords all over your pin’s description and HASHTAGS.

Man, I can’t emphasize this enough but hashtags in pins are SO important.

It’s easier for users to find content using hashtags and that is why you should be using them as well.

Now let’s recapitulate what we said because this is the second step to drive blog traffic with Pinterest:

  • Choose or create boards that target your specific niche
  • USE keywords as much as you can to rank on Pinterest
  • Use hashtags
  1. Pin other people’s content

When using Pinterest, you’ll need to be a team player.

Working solo isn’t going to get you anywhere, when I first started using Pinterest I only pinned my content and guess what? 

I didn’t have many views or engagement!

Even though I tried implementing keyword research and all. 

It didn’t work that much until I’ve found out that I can pin other people’s content, I’m going to show you how it affected my reaching in only 2 weeks:

How to drive your blog's traffic with pinterest

How does it work? 

By pinning other people’s content they might do the same for you.

And if you’re lucky.

Someone with a lot of followers and engagement will repin your personal pins and this will help you immensely in attracting followers!

And don’t just pin 1 pin a day and expect results, believe me! I learned the hard way!

Pin as much as possible, I pin 40 to 50 pins a day, if you can pin more, do it! 

If you can’t then that’s okay! 

But the more you pin the more expose you’ll have and the more it’ll be easier for you to drive your blog traffic with Pinterest.

Hope this was as detailed as possible, share with me what other advice you have for Pinterest users.

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How to drive your blog's traffic with pinterest

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