How to find & Join Pinterest group boards.

How to find & Join Pinterest group boards.

When I first signed up to Pinterest, I had no Idea what are group boards. I didn’t know how to find them, nor how to join them!

But my only thought when I began my Pinterest journey was to increase traffic to my blog!

I’ve started this blog in January 2018 but only began focusing on it on Mars 2019. And it’s been a great journey.

What I’ve learned from all the articles I’ve read and all the researches I’ve made, was :

Pinterest is a blogger’s best friend.

It’s most likely a blogger’s main source of traffic.

While it must be true for most, some aren’t that lucky when it comes to Pinterest.

But today, I’ll tell you the reason for the success of all those bloggers and it is :

Group boards!

What are these?

And how can you possibly find & join Pinterest group boards?

Let’s start from the beginning.

What are the Pinterest group boards?

A Pinterest group board is a board created by a pinner in which he pins content. He can add other contributors besides himself to pin in it as well.

It’s a board where multiple pinners can share their pins and pin other people’s content to help each other grow.

There are A LOT of boards out there some that have 1m followers, believe it or not!

There are so many group boards out there that have more than enough followers that will boost your traffic on a new level!

You can join these group boards either by being invited. Or by requesting to join from the owner or one of the collaborators.

You get a request to join that you accept and from then on, you’re able to pin freely in the group board.

But mind you, each one has a number of rules that you’ll have to abide for if you don’t want to be kicked out!

Here’s an example of the set of rules that the owner can determine :

What should you join a group board?

Group boards are an amazing tool to increase traffic to your pins. Which will lead traffic to your Pinterest profile and of course your blog.

When you pin in a group board, that means all of its followers will be able to see your pin.

All those followers will be able to pin your pin or to visit your blog.

If you’re not that familiar with Pinterest yet, now that there are four main types of pins that show up on your newsfeed.

  • You get to see popular pins
  • Suggested pins
  • Pins of people you follow
  • And paid promoted pins

These pins, you can either like them, leave a comment. Click on them and be redirected to the owner’s website. You can repin it on your own, or repin it in other group boards.

If you’d like to get more traffic it’s better if you pin and repin other people’s content as much as possible. So you’ll get more chance in appearing in other people’s newsfeed.

The more you pin in group boards the more they’ll likely to raise more followers than a normal Pinterest profile or board.

So the higher your chances of rising traffic.

You can join my group boards and pin in them and grow together :

How to find & Join group boards:

Search for influencers in your niche to find out what group boards they’ve joined

I know this is what I did when I first started my Pinterest, I kept searching for influencers in my niches( writing freelancing & blogging) and requested to join the group boards that they take part in.

You’ll get to find out all of the group boards that are related to your niche, and that have a large following on top of that!

You can check your fellow bloggers if they’re a part of group boards that have a large following and ask them to invite you to these boards!

Use Pingroupie to search for group boards

Go ahead and go to; it’s a great website that many pinners submit their Pinterest boards to, all of the boards have more than 500 followers and more than 2 collaborators.

So you’ll have a 100%  chance of finding a board that is related to your niche and that’ll give you more exposure.

It’s what I used and use till now to find boards with a large following to join!

You can select the category, number of followers; and enter a title or a word in the description box to help Pingroupie find all the boards suitable for you.

All I do is enter a word in the description box and I’m exposed to all these different boards with their number of followers, contributors, and the owner of the board to message him or talk to him :


You get to take a look at the Creator       Category Pins    Collaborators     Follower and Average Repins

Plus you can submit your group board as well to make it grow, but you’ll need to have more than 500 followers and more than 2 contributors!

It’ll help others join it and repin your content as well.

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How to find and join Pinterest groups

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