How to grow your email list with Pinterest

How to grow your email list with Pinterest

Whether you’re a blog or a business owner, how to grow email list is one of the most important questions you should ask.

Why is that?

Because those who are subscribed to you are the one who will most likely buy your products or will keep visiting your blog.

I don’t think that bloggers or website owners know just how much their email list is important. It’s one of the most underrated assets in history.

Because most blog owners just don’t work on growing it and developing it.

And I believe I know why.

They just don’t know what to write for their emails and don’t know how to create campaigns.

If that’s the reason, then stay tuned! I’ll make sure to talk about how to create an email campaign in no time.

But in this article, we’ll be talking about how to leverage Pinterest to grow your email list.

Choose a provider for your email service

If you’re a beginner then you probably don’t have much idea on which provider to choose.

You see a lot of people talking about Mad Mimi, MailChimp, ConvertKit, and god knows what.

So how can you choose from them?

It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but I’m going to explain which one to choose in which case.

As a beginner, you’ll prefer Mad Mimi to start with as it is very simple to use and not complicated at all.

It will help you learn how to send email marketing campaigns and how to talk with your subscribers more.

Once you start grasping the concept a little bit and raise a fair amount of subscribers, you’ll want to move on to MailChimp.

It’s more sophisticated in a simple way, and it’s free until you reach a certain number of subscribers (2000).

But, now if you reach 2000 subscribers and think you’ve become a little bit more of an expert in email marketing and want to create multiple opt-ins on your website, then ConvertKit is the one for you.

If these providers don’t interest you and want to choose other ones.

Then it’s better if you choose a provider that offers a free trial. So you can see if you’ll get familiar with it and if it’s easy to use or not.

Create an Opt-in for every blog post

You might think that a Freebie is the only place where you should be including an Opt-in but god knows how much that is wrong.

To grow your email list you’ll need an Opt-in for every post so that anyone who lands on any of your blog posts will be able to subscribe.

So that’s why adding a form to the end of your blog post or a popup is very important.

Create your first Freebie (Lead magnet)

Oh, the classic Freebie.

God knows how much I’ve encountered Freebie on my scrolling routine on Pinterest.

Freebies are the best way to win new subscribers and grow your email list.

It’s an incentive that will help in picking up people’s interest and will make subscribing very tempting.

You can create a free guide, a free planner, a coupon code.

And god knows what. If you’re good at something and can offer it for free then it can be a Freebie.

This will be your leading magnet, and it will make a lot of people sign up so they can receive it.

It can be hard thinking about you’ll be doing for your Freebie especially if it’s your first. But you can scroll on Pinterest and get all sort of ideas for a Freebie.

It’s easier than you think.

But the best way to create your first Freebie is to work on your readers or customers pain points.

For example, my niche is freelancers & bloggers.

Their pain points are landing high-paying jobs, more jobs, how to write more blog posts, and you name it.

So if I want to create a Freebie I’ll make sure to target these Pain points to do it.

I’ll offer quick solutions that will help them with their struggle, and I’ll gain more subscribers.

Easy peasy.

How to leverage Pinterest to attract subscribers

And now it’s time for Pinterest.

Pinterest is a blogger’s best friend and it should be yours too.

If used wisely, you can even attract half of your traffic from it.

The first thing you need to do is to create a landing page for your Freebies so that if you pin in on Pinterest your readers will go directly to it.

Creating a landing page means adding share buttons on it and being able to share it on Pinterest as well.

The challenge with landing pages is that you won’t be able to create pinnable images on them.

So that’s why share buttons are the only way to share it.

If you market and promote this landing page very well and use keywords that readers search for, then your email list will grow so much faster.

Do this and we’ll see what will happen.

How to create an attractive pin for your landing page

If you’re looking for a way to create a pin that will attract lots of readers, then I suggest you create one that has a preview of your freebie.

That’s right. This way people will know what to expect and what they’re signing up for. It’s much easier to include a preview then think of another ingenious way to create a beautiful pin.

And as I said, KEYWORDS. Keywords are very important for Pinterest SEO, they’ll help you appear on the feed of your potential readers and will help you get more exposure.

For beautiful pins, you can use Canva. It’s the one I always use because it’s so easy, and it’s FREE!!

And, by the way!

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Coming up with new content ideas with Pinterest

I hope this article was very useful for you! I did my best to include everything in this guide, if I missed out anything please make sure to include it in the comments.

I’m open to any criticism. 🙂

Make sure to pin me! And subscribe to my email list to get updates.

How to grow your email list with pinterest

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