How to land your first gig in 4 easy steps
4 steps to land your first gig

How to land your first gig in 4 easy steps

If you’re just starting out your freelancer career then you’re probably wondering how to land your first gig.

Well let me raise your spirit a little bit.

Landing your first gig, is the hardest part and then the rest is history.

Once you get your first job every other job will be a piece of cake to get!

So don’t be discouraged if you haven’t landed your first gig yet!

I was just like you once! No gigs at all! 

And when I got my first job the pay was horrible and so was the client.

I had to work 3 days straight for 12$, and with 20% of Upwork fees all I had left was 9.6.

Such a sad story isn’t it? 

But you know, that first job, even though it was catastrophic, made me learn a lot!

As I said, looking at the bright side of that story.

I’ve had my first payment and my first experience ever which would come handy afterwards when landing other gigs.

When you’re just starting out.

Even if you’re as good as all of the experienced freelancers out there.

Your proposal won’t simply stand out as theirs.

How to land your first gig

This doesn’t have to come as shocking to you.

Every client would prefer to hire an experienced freelancer over a newbie.

But that shouldn’t stop you from sending your proposals! 

You’ve got to build up your experience, and then you’ll surely end up by having your dream job one day.

And it might come sooner than you’ll think!

*Story time* 

I know this developer girl who accepted jobs for 12$ just to build up her experience on Upwork.

And then several months after.

She landed a long term collaboration for 4000$ a month and she got the newest Iphone and laptop out there!

And this is how you can land your first gig in 4 easy steps:

  • Think of a killer bio
  • Fill out every section of your profile
  • Take tests to prove your competences
  • Create a unique proposal for every gig

Think of a killer bio

You might find this underwhelming, subtle or maybe even silly.

But your bio plays a huge role in getting your first job.

Your bio is like the first impression you give to people, if you suck at it then you probably suck doing anything else.

If you’re not promoting yourself right do you think anyone will take you seriously? 

I don’t think so, hence before trying to send any proposal think of your bio first.

Read it from a client point of view, does it seem convincing? Does it seem dull? Did you like it?

If you’re too subjective in your critiques, give it to a friend, a stranger even and let them give you their honest opinion of it.

If they like it, then you’re doing a great job promoting your skills.

Now if they don’t, then you need to rethink about it and give it more attention to make it sound more convincing.

A bio should reveal what you do, why you do it.

And how it’s going to help your future clients, and this will help you land your first gig!

Fill out every section of your profile

When you send out your proposal to a client.

They just don’t read and be like “Oh this is guy/girl we’ve been looking for all our lives”.

A proposal isn’t enough to learn how land your first gig! 

Just like your bio, your profile plays an important role in the landing your first job formula.

If you’ve got empty section all over your profile then would a client pay attention to your proposal?

I believe not! 

So start out by filling out those empty lines one by one to not leave a client suspicious of your competences and abilities.

Having an empty section is like forgetting an entire year of your existence.

That’s the same vibe you give to you client.

If they don’t have any knowledge about your studies, experience, and interest..etc.

They won’t be able to come up with a decision, help them out by leaving them no room to question your abilities.

If you want to now how to become a successful freelancer click here.

Take tests to prove your competences

This might seem like an unimportant step that you can simply skip or ignore.

But if you’re just starting out, that means you have no experience, so guess who’ll be the judge of you? 

That’s right!

Tests are the secret to landing your first gig even without any experience.

Tests are an objective judge that will measure your abilities & competences.

You hand them to your client to help them think if you’re the right freelancer to hire or not.

When I first started out I took every test that seemed important to define my abilities.

Language tests, writing tests, even translation tests.

Even though the score wasn’t as high as I hoped but they’ve helped a lot of my clients define if I’m the right one for them or not!

Tests are the main component of the formula of  “How to land your first gig”.

After I’ve gained a little bit of experience I was no longer in need of them as I had my own portfolio to help me strengthen my proposal! 

So think of them as an irreplaceable evil that you’ve got to support in order to please your future clients.

Create a unique proposal for every gig

This one I could go on forever to talk about.

But listen out! 

Avoid copying your proposals and sending them out to clients! 

They’ll know!! Alright?  

I made this mistake before and I don’t want you to the same as me! It cost me a hell lot of jobs that were just perfect and suitable for me!

Copying proposals is going to give your clients the impression that you don’t care about their job.

Thus you’re not the one for it! 

Copying a proposal also make you seem like a lazy and not a serious person anyone would love to work with!

So please please please.

Give every job the time it deserves, read thoroughly the description and what they ask for. 

Don’t just read the title and copy a previous proposal and send it out to them! No no and no!

Make sure you create a unique proposal, with a punch line, a little bit of humor & a lot of thinking.

If you don’t, then don’t cry about being left out and the tips of how to land your first gig weren’t good enough for you.

Because you did it to yourself!

For more advices about creating a killer proposal!

Just check my article 5 steps to create a perfect proposal and you won’t be deceived.

And this is basically the secret formula no one will tell you about to land your first gig.

Be a thorough and a patient person and you’ll certainly land your first gig in no time!

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