Make more money blogging using emotional intelligence

Make more money blogging using emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is important. If you want to know why, this article will answer your questions.

Why don’t you let me tell you about a story of when I was still learning how to freelance.

I started with an Instagram account, grew it to 4k followers, but they weren’t really interested in what I was offering.

I wrote some blog posts, no one cared to see them, and I’ve lost hope for a while, then I went to Upwork.

I’ve heard of it from an acquaintance, I signed up and started pitching, my pitching was horrible!

Then I landed my first job, then second, then I started learning how to pitch, then I went back to blogging.

Of course, at first it wasn’t a hit, but now it’s going very well…

How did I learn how to pitch and how to blog to make money?

Well, I’ve learned how to use my emotions intelligently, and understanding other’s people’s emotions as well!

And that is exactly the goal of emotional intelligence.

Yes, people are different, yes, everyone has their own preferences, yet winning their attention is a basic formula!

Just like 1+1=2, writing good content, a very nice writing style, an efficient marketing strategy and patience, equals winning readers and even clients over time.

So how can you use this formula to your benefit?

Understanding your niche’s needs.

Before you think of starting a course, writing a blog post, an eBook, think, first of all, is this what my niche really needs or what I need?

You can’t make presumptions based on what you like and prefer.

You need to know what your readers actually want to read/purchase and actually search for.

For that, I suggest going to your google analytics and see which one of your posts was actually a hit.

Furthermore, SOCIAL MEDIA, in capital, yes, why?

Well, that’s because where do most of us spend their free time?

Yes, you guessed it right, it’s social media, whether it’s facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube, or even LinkedIn.

That’s where you should be looking, you should check the trending, what people are looking for, questions remarks..etc.

Those unanswered questions should be your starting point!

Grow your social media presence.

No one is going to hear of your blog of course. If you don’t have a strong presence on social media, how can you grow it?

Start by joining engagement groups, and other niche related groups where you can find potential clients, readers…

Start by being helpful, answering questions, sharing experience, build the trust slowly.

And you’ll notice that your blog is collecting views slowly but surely.

Be active, no one wants to follow someone who’ll only show their presence once a month!

Publishing regularly make followers get used to your presence and be more attentive.

Have a consistent style, writing lots of posts usually help with building up your style.

Your style is the first thing a reader will remember and will recall and recognize every time they find one of your posts.

That is why having consistency is good, some people might argue that it’s boring.

But actually, people prefer stability and thus consistency is the key.

Building your buyer’s persona.

Why is a buyer’s persona?

It’s a fictional representation of your ideal customer.

Building this persona is your first step to an effective marketing strategy. This persona helps you understand your customers deeply. 

So as to create content or sell objects or both, that will help you attract customers and of course retain them.

For that, you might find online free persona’s templates that will help you create one. But one of my hacks is a quiz. 

Attracting readers by a quiz that answers one of their concerns, and collecting through this quiz the information that I need to build my persona, age, gender, preferences, concerns, questions…

All of this is the ideal pile of information that you need to create the ideal customer’s representation and start marketing based on it.

Marketing automation

Some days are just too busy that you don’t get the slightest time to check how your business is going, and market it right.

That’s where marketing automation’s role pops up. Marketing automation is as its title shows the process of automating your marketing strategy.

With this tool you can raise your sales, traffic, by just a click, your marketing campaign will pop up and will attract new customers.

Based on the data collected. You will be able to personalize your digital marketing campaign and automate it.

 So as to attract people without you having to click “send” every time and spend your whole time doing it.

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