Saving Tips When You Have a New Blog

Saving Tips When You Have a New Blog


Before I started my blog all I thought about was making some money so all I did was keep searching for saving tips.

I was a 4th college student who was in immense need of starting a blog to create some extra income.

But before I committed to this blog I kept thinking about creating it for months.

The decision wasn’t easy. And putting down money for a risky investment wasn’t easy as well.

And you probably know this as well, but in the first months, you won’t be able to make anything off of it. Especially if you just started blogging.

But once you establish an authority you will. Even if you do make some money in the first sixth month you probably won’t make that much money.

So how can you save money when you have a new blog?

You probably already asked yourself this question. Because saving money is now one of your most important goals to make a successful blog.

You probably will spend at least one hundred dollars on starting one. That’s what I did and I searched for the most basic options and the cheapest one.

So if you’re in it whole-heartily and have more money than me, you’ll probably spend more.

But after spending and realizing it’ll take some time to make money you’re probably thinking about saving.

So today, in this blog the post we’ll be sharing some money saving tips that will help you earn money and KEEP it.

Since I’m a student, and have loans to pay and a future to pursue, I and my boyfriend are always trying to save money.

So that in the future we can actually sustain a comfortable living style even if we have kids.

How to save money

Here’s how you’ll be able to sustain a living even when you’re paying for your blog’s expenses and to make it grow.

Pay for everything annually

When you start a blog you’ll find that domain and hosting providers always offer annual plans that will turn much cheaper than monthly plans. 

So what do you need to do? 

You can pay for your blog’s expenses by choosing the annual plan. This way you can save more money that you can later invest in your blog.

And what’s even better, is investing in long term plans. Like 3 years plan offered by Siteground & Bluehost for example.

And if you look for ways to pay your email list and make it cheaper then there’s an annual plan that you can pay and save money.

Get a Free Domain

This one I did when I started my blog. 

There were so many hosting providers that offered their hosting services for a symbolic price. But most of them didn’t offer a free domain. So that’s why I didn’t choose them.

If you have no idea what’s a domain then it’s the address of your website. It’s how your readers are directed to your website. 

For example, is a domain. is a domain, and so on.

When I chose my hosting services I chose it based on so many factors. But the one who stood out most was “free domain” and that’s why I chose Siteground. #notsponsored

Ever heard of referral credits?

Here’s an easy way for you to save money.

If you started using affiliate marketing to make money then I’ve got good news for you. Instead of taking commission you can actually take credit. 

For those who don’t know what’s affiliate marketing then it is: Affiliate marketing is promoting a service using a special link and getting a commission for it.

So if you take credit then you’d save money that you would have invested in that service. 

For example, if you promote Bluehost, you can choose credit instead of money. And with that credit, you’ll never have to pay for Bluehost.

Wait for special sales

What do I mean by this? Well, when you’re a beginner and a newbie blogger. 

Your first goal is to invest in yourself and looking for ways to educate yourself more. So the more you learn the more you’ll acquire tricks that will help to grow your blog.

So what do you do? You buy courses, eBooks and even masterclasses. The total of these three can even reach thousands of dollars. 

But if you wait for some time and wait for special sales or occasions. You might find that these products are sold for only hundreds of dollars. Which is a great deal? And a money saver.

Use free tools

What do I mean by this? That means finding budget-friendly alternatives. And it’s a piece of advice that I follow for my blog as well. 

So how can you find budget-friendly alternatives for paid tools? Simple. Google tools.

For analyzing traffic you’ve got Google analytics which gives you all the information you need to find out about your blog’s traffic.

For email marketing, then you can simply use MailChimp which is totally free if you’ve got less than 2000 subscribers which are great for new bloggers.

You can find free stocks photos for your blog EASILY with websites like pexels and so many other ones. You can create beautiful pins easily with these websites.

Canva is a great free tool to create VERY BEAUTIFUL pins can help with your traffic on Pinterest.

For scheduling on social media you can use free tools like Later which I use for my social media accounts (mainly Instagram & Pinterest) And it’s actually very useful.

For WordPress themes I’ve actually chosen a free theme which is actually very beautiful.

There are many other friendly-budget options which you can find later.

Wait for discounts

If you want to save money on any purchase you make for your blog, then you’ll have to wait for special occasions for discounts. When can you receive discounts?

Well there are a lot of periods in each year where you’ll be able to get discounts.

You’ve got mainly black Fridays which can offer HUGE discounts, you’ve got July 4thyou’ve got Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and even Cyber Monday. 

So many different occasions will give you discounts in which you’ll save a huge amount of money.

So make sure you keep checking websites every now and then until you find discounts that will help your blog.

Buy used supplies

If you need a new phone or a new laptop to start your blogging journey then let me tell you,don’t buy a new one. 

Yes, I said it. Don’t buy it new because if you’re trying to cut on your expenses, then you should cut on this too.

Second-hand things can actually turn out so good. And that’s why you should wait for it. 

My boyfriend always looks for second-hand products to save money. It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone or laptop.

So it doesn’t matter if you want a laptop, a microphone or a phone, wait for until the hype dies down and buy it second-hand and you’ll save so much money.

Make Money

This one was quite obvious, right?

If you want to save money then the first thing you need to do is to make money. Right? 

So start making money from your blog by affiliate marketing or offer your services to write in another blog for money.

The more you make money the more you’ll be able to save it. If you’re wondering how to make money off blogs then you can check this article I made.

Start Saving Money With Your Side Hustle

Starting a blog was the best decision that I made.

And I hope you start it too. And with these tips, you’ll quickly be able to make money and save up to 80% of blogging expenses. 

Check out my other blog posts about blogging, I’m sure they’re relatable. 

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