The guest blogging guide for any newbie blogger

The guest blogging guide for any newbie blogger

If you’ve just started blogging, then you might be surprised how little your traffic is. so it’s time to consider this guest blogging guide.

Isn’t that right? Which is why I came up with this guest blogging guide.

You see all those bloggers out there that keep telling you to write to promote your content with social media only, well they’re wrong.

Not completely wrong, but they are 50% wrong.

Promoting with social media only is an advanced step that only professional bloggers should do.

Why is that? Because they’ve already established enough presence, so moving on to social media would be a great idea for them.

Because if you receive less than1000 views a month, then even social media wouldn’t do it for you.

And moreover, you’ll feel as if you’re writing for ghosts.

No comments, no shares, not anything.

And it might actually drive you to quit blogging all at once. So what should you do?

That’s what today’s article is all about.

What’s guest blogging?

Guest posts are content you write for other blogs in exchange for a do-follow link for your blog.

You write the blog, they edited as much as they like so it can suit their style, and you’re given a bio where you can link back to your blog.

It’s easy, it’s effective and it’s the first thing you should do as a newbie.

Why is that?

Well because if you guest post at websites that receive decent traffic a day, you’ll be able to leverage that traffic for your own website and blog.

Even if you guest post for free.

And the benefits of guest posting go beyond that, you can even land some high-paying jobs just cause of one single blog post you did for another blog.

And you name it.

You get to meet and get to know other bloggers that can be helpful at a later time.

You can win free backlinks from other blogs to your guest post which will then translate to traffic for your own blog.

And so many other things.

But here’s a piece of information you should keep in mind. Not all guest posts are equal.

Why is that again?

Well because Google judges your website based on domain authority which goes from 1 to 100.

All blogs and website that have a domain authority higher than 50, are more likely to rank #1 on Google and appear on the first pages of search.

If your website has a domain authority less than 25 or 30, then it’s going to be so hard for you to rank on Google.

That’s why you’ll have to collect as much as backlinks as you can. And especially from high authority websites.

Because if they trust you, then you’re trustworthy and that your blog offers great content.

And in this case, Google will trust you as well and raise your domain authority.

Here’s something to beware of, NEVER EVER pay someone so you can guest post at their website.

And I mean never. Why is that?

Because it’s against Google’s policy and if you’re caught in the act then your website is doomed.

But if someone pays you to guest post at their website then that one is totally fine. Because it’s like they’re paying you to write content.

While in the other case, you’re paying them for a dofollow link which should be earned. Not bought.

I know a lot of blogs out there will be offered guest posting by other people not once but multiple times.

I know this because when I started my blog I’ve been offered this multiple time. And I refused at every single time because I knew how dangerous that would be for my blog.

Plus most of them are spammy websites, and if a spammy website links back to you then you’re most likely spammy too.

So that will hinder your blog from ranking.

The guest blogging guide

I’m not going to lie. Guest blogging is hard, and it’s as hard as it can be for new bloggers.

And that’s because you’ve got no connection, no network, nothing that will help you land high authority sites opportunities.

Long gone are the days where you’ll find a “write for us” tab in every website or blog you visit.

Long gone are the golden days where landing a guest post is as easy as having breakfast.

Nowadays, established bloggers get spammed so much of guest posting pitches that it’s hard to make a choice and choose one to guest blog for you.

So if you send out a pitch, prepare for months of waiting until you get an opportunity.

Which is why you’ll need to network. And don’t give me that “oh no “face.

Because you’re going to and you have to.


If you think that landing a guest post in a high authority website is easy, then be my guest and leave your strategy down below.

If not, then this is what you’ll have to do. You need to first follow the blogs where you want to guest post and start subscribing to their emails list.

If you do this, then at least they’ll have heard of your name before. Next thing you should do is comment on these blogs.

You need to start establishing a connection when you comment, the blog owner will most likely answer you and this way they’ll remember you more.

If you keep answering their newsletter emails and comment on their blog regularly, then your face will become more and more familiar.

And this way when you’ll finally pitch for your blog post, you’ll have enough exposure with them that will get them to say YES.

Now isn’t this a rather easy strategy? I know it takes time but at least it’s effective.

Doing this will help you get the attention of the blog owner and also other people’s attention.

So it’s a win-win situation. And it’s one of the most important advice of this guest blogging advice.

How to plan your guest post

The next step after securing a guest blogging offer is to plan what you’ll be writing. And it might seem harder than you think because you’ll have to offer your best content.

But first, let me ask you, did you receive a lot of offers? If that’s the case then you’ll have to create content for each one and decide which blog you’ll be delivering the content first.

Isn’t that right?

So what you’ll need to do is go to Neil Patel and enter all of the domains you will be guest posting at and check their domain authority.

Do you remember what we spoke about before?

If the domain authority is above 50 then those are the ones you should be writing for first.

Prepare a spreadsheet; write down all the blogs you’re writing for and their domain authority.

And make sure the one who has the highest authority is the first one on the list. And make sure the ones who have less than 30 on their authority are taken out of the list.

This way you’ll have less content to write on your hands for websites that won’t do you good, and will give most of your time to websites that will.

Choosing the topic

Now you wouldn’t want to choose the wrong topic, wouldn’t you?

Now, guest blogging doesn’t necessarily have to be about something you like, it can be anything.

It just has to be compatible with the website you’ll be blogging at.

So make sure to take a look at the website and the topics that are handled and written about, make sure to look at every single one and see if you like any topic there.

Then all you have to do is either spin some content or think about something that hasn’t been discussed yet but is still relatable.

Write down a list of ideas and then start getting rid of the ones that you don’t like or don’t find enough content about.

Make sure to check if the topic you’ll be discussing is researched on Google or not and the volume of keywords.

This way you’ll be able to score some high traffic in an already established website.

And this was the guest blogging guide for you!

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Did I miss anything?

Did I talk about everything?

What do you guys think? If I left out anything then leave it in the comment!

how to get started with this guest blogging guide

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